Painted Desert #1 (french)

  • 2014
  • Les Editions du Singue
  • 48 p.
  • full colour
  • 28,80 x 21,80 cm
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-90-8988-000-0
  • € 17,-

June 1957. Ten years later, every track from this case is been carefully erased. Mark Mazure, a researcher from NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Arial Phenomena) receives a letter from the owner of a motel in Arizona. The owner suffers from a recurring dream … about a strange Japanese person.

“Roy Lichtenstein meets Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, gekruid met een stevige snuif suspense.” – Metro.
“De cinemascopische vorm levert een spetterende strip op.” – Juryverslag Strippening.

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